Etiquette, It Is

Wedding etiquettes have changed drastically with time, especially with the increasing numbers of inter faith marriages. Personally, I love how the couple and the families incorporate little details from their traditions and make each wedding experience so unique. That being said, there are some etiquettes that rarely change. Let’s talk about how your invitations can communicate the details of your wedding proceedings.

The invitation style usually sets the general tone of the wedding. It could come across as extravagant, formal, rustic, beachy, destination, casual or simply tell a story of your love. The next wedding etiquette simply states that you should be clear with the language and details such as time, venue, attire or any specific activities that might be involved. If the celebration is spread over a few days, be very clear on the dates and venues. You may choose to have a RSVP card specify each event so you end up with an accurate count for each event.

Next is the timeline, when to send the invitations out? Typically, an 8-10 week deadline is recommended, especially if out of town guests will need to make travel arrangements. This allows for maximum number of friends and family to be present for the big day. You can request the RSVP’s sent back to you at least 4-5 weeks prior, which leaves you some time to make reminder calls for the RSVP’s not received.

It is ever so popular now to create a wedding website. Keep your guests informed about hotel and travel deals or you can keep them updated with the wedding prep. This is also a good way to introduce the close family from the bride’s and the groom’s side and also the bridal party. A bunch of websites offer you with a service, where guests can upload any pictures they took at the wedding so you never miss a good shot that was taken by your loved ones. Once you have done all this work, it’s time to sit back and enjoy this incredible experience with the one you love.