The Evolved Invitation

Every aspect of an Indian Wedding has evolved over years to reach this modern era. Nowadays, the events are a unique blend of traditional modernism. The couple is more involved in the process and brings a fresh approach to the wedding planning process. Innovation starts right from the Wedding Invitations. The fact that an invitation sets the tone for the big day cannot be stressed enough.

The Evolved Invitation, elaborate or simple, focuses on communicating sentiments of the upcoming big day through typography, style and colors. From classy to sassy, good balanced design is the key to choosing an invitation. Whether the couple decides to tell a story as to how they met or go with a very elaborate invitation loaded with crystals, pearls and ribbons, each one will have a lasting impression on your guests. Another popular trend rising these days is destination weddings and they are my personal favorite. The vibrant reds, pinks and purples in contrast with the pristine waters in Maldives or Cancun are just a breathtaking setup. No matter what you choose for your special day, our fresh design approach is sure to please.